You knew I would be back - I always keep my word.

What do you take me for... a fool?

This is the place that I will answer all your questions without any reverence to the truth or anything else you would likely think of me hearty.

By my deeds of the 20th Century shall manifest - I am the best - I am known for it, but I go back and on much further than you know - but while you have the opportunity to speak with me you had better - or it'll be a bad day in hell for you my laddie....

So just email me with your questions to:

and I'll get right back to you with my answers to your questions and I will be completely candid about the position - make no mistake of that.

Be sure that I don't want you trifling with my time, because if you do, I will find you out and have you for lunch......

Don't you just like those kidne with Spanish onions - I eat them all the time with a little red wine and some bile to swill it all down with... mmmmm

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I'm Back - it's Jack